Yikes! It’s been a while since we’ve updated the blog here on the website. We’ve been busy supporting our customers and fixing devices. We’re also active on our Facebook Page and our Twitter account. Please let us fill you in before we get to the iPad 3 glass repair hyperlapse.

As we shift our focus from iPhone/iPad repair to our real passion — IT consulting — we’re updating the blog to show you what we’re doing. First things first, we’re still fixing iPads. We’ll continue fixing iPads until it’s no longer a viable business model. That said, we’re nearly out of the iPhone game. We initially started repairing iPhones to give people a cost-effective solution for iPhone repair. Apple is that solution now. Its Genius Bar screen replacements are so cheap that we can’t beat those prices. So, we’re dropping out and changing up our focus here at Fix Denver. If the iPhone repair market becomes more stable in the future, we may hop back into the game… but for now, we’re focusing on iPad repairs and IT consulting. We’re truly the best choice in Denver for iPad repairs and IT consulting. You show us an iPad that you’ve had repaired elsewhere and we’ll show you what they did wrong. We’d also love to stop by your office to do a technology audit; in about five minutes, we’ll make some great recommendations. Give us a call so we can help you with your technology today.

iPad 3 Glass Repair Hyperlapse

Now for the video! We’ve invested in some new video equipment (a go pro and several camera mounts) to record our repair process and share it with our customers. In this video, Josh fixes the glass on an iPad 3. We hyperlapsed the whole process so you can see exactly what it takes to do the repair in less than a minute! We’ll add more videos to the blog as we have time to record and edit them. Let us know if you enjoyed the iPad 3 glass repair hyperlapse video in the comments. Keep spreading the word about Fix Denver. Your referrals mean the world to us. Thank you!