Are you having trouble with the power button on your iPhone 5? We have great news for you: Apple may fix your phone for free with its new iPhone 5 power button replacement program. Don’t wait to long; the program expires September 21st, 2014. Check out this Apple support page for all of the official acknowledgements. The power button is also called the sleep or wake button. It’s located on the top edge of your device and locks the screen on your iPhone. Many Apple customers have claimed that the button eventually stops working, often that it won’t depress at all. Long story short: a class action lawsuit brought against Apple claimed that the iPhone 4 had a faulty power button design. That apparently led to Apple recalling iPhone 5 devices manufactured before March 2013. The iPhone 4 and 4s were not included in the recall.

Before we get too excited, we want to explain the rules for the iPhone 5 power button replacement program. Apple claims they’re not replacing all iPhone 5 devices, just a “small percentage” with manufacturing defects. Your iPhone’s serial number must fall within a certain range in order to qualify. For what it’s worth: we’ve entered many serial numbers and haven’t seen a denied device. If you qualify, you also must consider the condition of your phone. If it’s been ‘well-loved’ or cracked… or damaged in any way, Apple will probably deny service. Check your serial number here.

iPhone 5 Power Button Replacement Preparation

There are several things to do before giving Apple your iPhone for the replacement. These steps will ensure you still have your data after the repair and that your data doesn’t end up in someone else’s hands.

The best way to get your iPhone 5 power button replacement is through an Apple Store. Don’t call AppleCare or take it to a “participating provider,” as Apple recommends. You’ll end up having to wait forever as they send it off to the repair center. Instead, make the trip to an Apple Store; you’ll probably walk away with a new phone within minutes. We realize the Denver market is saturated with Apple Stores (thankfully) and that you may not have that luxury. We only suggest AppleCare as a last resort in a market like this. If you live in the middle of Montana, you may not have a better option.

If you go the Apple Store route, be nice to your Genius. A Genius hears complaints about Apple stuff all day; the less you test their patience, the nicer they’ll be about your iPhone 5 power button replacement. Some people take this to the opposite extreme: yelling, complaining, or demanding to speak to a manager. We wish you luck with that approach… it won’t get you very far. General life advice: if you ask someone for help with an air of entitlement, you’ll look like a jerk.

If you already had your iPhone 5 swapped by an authorized service center because of the power button failure, you can apply for a refund by choosing the “contact Apple” link at the bottom of this page. They’ll look up your service history and send you a refund, credit, or some other form of reimbursement if you qualify. Please get in touch with Apple for more information about this option.

So why would a repair shop tell you about the iPhone 5 power button replacement program? It’s just another example of our commitment to your best interest. We always say that we’ll give you the best information even if it doesn’t make us money. The program will expire September 21st, 2014; if you need an iPhone 5 power button replacement, we recommend taking it to Apple very soon.