Hello, Fix customers! We wanted to take a moment to update you on our company and let you know that we’re removing our typical 9am to 5pm opening hours here at Fix. To better serve all our customers, we’re starting an appointment-only schedule — effective immediately. This will allow us to continue to support our repair customers while also meeting the expectations of our onsite and remote support customers. Please call or email us to schedule an appointment.

Moving forward, we’re renewing our focus on businesses, IT support, and web development. That doesn’t mean we’re quitting the repair business; repairs will become less of a focus for now so we can exist long into the future.

Over the last few years, Apple worked hard to eliminate businesses like us. We’ve done our best to contend with their increased desire for unrepairable devices. Unfortunately, our attempts to adapt meant less profitability and sacrifices in part quality we weren’t willing to make. Our customers deserve the best. Since the best can’t exist in a realm of profitability, we had to shift our focus to IT support. We’ve seen this trend get worse recently and often find ourselves explaining it to very confused patrons. At this point, Apple seemingly cares more for Wall Street than for their customers. To explain this, I need only to show you their current line of devices.

  • iPhone – it’s currently cheaper to repair a screen at Apple than any reputable third-party company.
  • iPad – we’ve stopped fixing them because industry part quality is terrible. The iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3+ are uneconomical to repair.
  • iPod – this has been off our list for years as Apple considers them throwaway devices not meant for repair.
  • MacBook Pro – with the introduction of the retina display devices in 2012, they’re often uneconomical to repair.
  • MacBook with Retina Display – it’s a screen, case, keyboard, and logic board – also uneconomical to repair.
  • iMac – since 2012, Apple turned this into a giant iPad by increasing repair difficulty and using proprietary components.
  • Mac Pro – since 2013, Apple made this computer a garbage can of proprietary components.
  • Mac mini – since 2014, Apple removed all upgradability and turned it into an uneconomical proposition for repair.

Up until four years ago, we could fix every single device on that list within your budget. At this point, we’re pretty much limited to Mac repairs and upgrades.

Keep in mind: it is possible to repair some of these devices. However, most people would rather buy a new device instead of paying an unreasonable charge to repair an old one. It’s an unfortunate reality of our country’s throwaway culture. If Apple didn’t create that culture, they certainly revolutionized it in a very bad way. Companies like iFixit have done their best to lobby congress by advocating for a repairable future, but we no longer see the light at the end of that tunnel. Unless something causes a dramatic change in the next few years, our world will never again realize a chance for repairable devices. In our money-driven society, a small repair shop like us has no voice to affect change. It’s truly a sad reality; one that we’re loathe to accept.

If we do see that change, we’ll start offering repairs right away. Until that day comes–if that day comes–we’ll be here to support your business with IT solutions and web development that outperforms all competition. We were the best in repairs; now you’ll learn to know us as the best in support.

A word on warranties: our 1-year warranty will still hold true until we can no longer offer the service. If any unforeseen circumstances arise, that could possibly change. As of this date, we are able and willing to honor the warranty on any previously-repaired device.

We want to thank you for your continued business and hope that you’ll share our information with your place of business. If you have a technology problem, we’ll fix it and offer you solutions to prevent it in the future. We limit our onsite services to the Denver metro area, but our remote support is worldwide. Please call us if you have any questions about our new direction.

Thank you,

Josh and Laura Carr