What is CarPlay, and Why Do I Need It?

Almost a year ago, Apple lifted the veil from it’s in-dash communication system, CarPlay. Its the easiest and safest way to use your iPhone in your car. You can use Siri to call your contacts, get directions, or listen to music without ever taking your eyes off the road. If you’ve ever struggled with a hands-free system, you’ll love Apple’s easy-to-use interface and beautiful design. CarPlay is truly years ahead of car manufacturers. Do you have an Android phone? No problem! Many of the CarPlay-compatible dash units ship with Android Auto as well – it’s Google’s version of CarPlay. Fix is Denver’s best CarPlay installation company. Get in touch so we can upgrade your car.

That’s cool. Do I need a new car to get CarPlay?

No way! I’m sure the car companies would love that though. There are several aftermarket stereo manufacturers making CarPlay-compatible dash systems that put CarPlay in any vehicle with a “double-din” stereo. Most vehicles ship with a compatible stereo bay, but we can help you make sure your car is compatible. Give us a call if you have any questions about CarPlay compatibility.

Denver’s Best CarPlay Installation Company

Denver’s Best CarPlay Installation CompanyWe work with the best installers in the business – they’ve done thousands of dash system upgrades over the years. A brand new CarPlay system takes a couple hours to install and gives you access to all of Apple’s great features. If you decide to add CarPlay to your vehicle, we’ll talk with you about the differences between each CarPlay system. The most common request is Pioneer’s AppRadio 4. It’s the least expensive CarPlay-compatible deck on the market. Our Apple CarPlay aftermarket upgrades start at $700 including the stereo and onsite installation. That’s one of the many reasons we’re Denver’s best CarPlay installation company. Give us a call, and we’ll work up a quote for your specific vehicle.