We are not currently promoting the 1st Generation iPad glass repair for a few reasons. We sometimes think about removing that repair from our store completely, but we know that people still want them fixed. To alleviate any concerns we have, we want to give you all of the information we know.

Suppliers put very little focus into the 1st Generation iPad at this point. There is very little demand for it as the iPad 2 and newer are much more popular. We cannot find any glass that we could consistently consider perfect. Our quality assurance denies approximately 50% of the assemblies that show up at our shop. What makes it onto your iPad is the best possible glass on the market.

Unfortunately, we do not expect this to get better. There is not enough demand for the suppliers to focus on the quality of those parts. Occasionally, we find issues with the newer glass too – the higher the demand, the worse the supplier quality control. We stopped using those suppliers completely.

We do not intend to sound like fixing a 1st Generation iPad is a bad decision; it is generally the right choice for your budget. We just want to make sure you are aware of our thoughts since we are implementing no return policy on this generation. Our quality control is the best in the market, but we need to be realistic about the limited parts available for the 1st Generation iPad.

Again, Rocky Mountain Mac Repair will not accept returns or offer refunds for the 1st Generation iPad glass repair.