We want to take care of our customers efficiently and we approach every conversation with that in mind. Sometimes is makes sense to send one of our consultants onsite for troubleshooting… sometimes we can determine a hardware issue during our initial communication. In that case, it’s always better to get the machine to our shop for two reasons: AASP requirements and a better quality of service.

Our ability to complete a repair onsite has diminished recently due to new guidelines passed down by Apple to their authorized service providers. Their goal is to guarantee a first time fix by removing all external variables from the equation. We have to run Apple’s diagnostic software on your machine before we can even order some parts – that software requires your machine to be in the shop.

We can throw more resources at a machine in the shop: our diagnostics, Apple’s diagnostics, part testing, etc. Our onsite diagnostic capabilities are limited to troubleshooting software, hard drives, RAM and other replaceable parts. If you’re in-warranty or need a part directly from Apple, the machine must always end up here. We want to optimize everything; we’ll offer the best solution up front, every time.