Apple’s warranty is two-fold: AppleCare+ (insurance) and the standard Apple Limited Warranty. The Apple Limited Warranty only covers manufacturer defects and doesn’t help at all with damage. AppleCare+ is a $100 plan that you must purchase within 90-days of the initial transaction. Each incident has a $50 replacement fee — with a maximum of two incidents per device.

If you purchased the AppleCare+ plan then you are definitely better off paying the $50 replacement fee. If you didn’t buy the insurance, we can save you money by repairing the device. Future warranty coverage has always been a question that we take very seriously. Here’s are understanding:

Any damage to a device immediately voids the warranty. If we fix the device for you, it’s likely that Apple will honor the warranty if any logical failures arise. We cannot make any guarantees because Apple has the final say on all warranty coverage.

We have a solid foundation to stand on: we haven’t heard from any of our previous customers that Apple denied warranty coverage after we completed the repair. We suppose it’s possible that it could happen some day but we do very good work that has even impressed our local Apple Stores.

In addition to Apple’s coverage, we guarantee any repair for 1 year. That doesn’t cover additional damage or unrelated problems.