We will treat your device as our own: always with the utmost care. We will never delete or remove any of your data… in fact, we only request access if it’s absolutely necessary for testing or troubleshooting. With any repair, however, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the device or your data.

Don’t panic!

Apple makes it very easy to back up your devices. iOS devices have free access to the iCloud backup service and Macs can easily backup with a Time Machine external hard drive. We definitely suggest that you backup your device before you bring it in. If you don’t have an external hard drive for a backup, we’ll do it for you at an additional cost. Unfortunately, we cannot backup iOS devices due to software limitations; iCloud is the best backup solution.

If you have sensitive information on your device, we understand. We wouldn’t be in business if we wanted to steal it. If you prefer, you are always welcome to backup your device and bring it to us completely empty. We’ll do whatever is necessary to make our customers comfortable.