Let me start by saying that we can fix almost anything. Just because we can fix something, doesn’t mean we should fix something.

We pride ourselves on being the most upfront repair shop in town. If we see the possibility of an unsuccessful repair, we’ll tell you and let you make the decision to proceed. We do a great job of laying out all your options so you make the right choice.

Some repairs just won’t make sense. If we tell you not to repair something – we do occasionally turn down repairs – it’s in your best interest to save your money and put it towards a new machine. That’s a difficult conversation, but we want to be fair with every transaction.

If we start a repair that we cannot finish, we’ll never charge you for the part – unless stated otherwise during our conversations. There will always be a minimum of $40 for diagnostic time. That can increase based on our actual time with the device. We promise to keep you informed during the process. There will never be any surprises.