We stand behind all of our parts for an entire year. It’s a simple policy with only a few exceptions. We will try to help in any scenario but have to clearly state our policies so people don’t take advantage of us. It’s sad… but true.

  • If we determine that the device or the part has been damaged in any way, the warranty is void.
    • It’s very easy to see additional damage after a repair.
    • Even if the part we install doesn’t break, additional damage voids the warranty.
  • If we determine that the device or the part is not physically the same device/part, the warranty is void.
    • People occasionally try to sneak free repairs through the system.
    • We document each repair and can identify our parts versus others’ parts easily.
  • Batteries are excluded from our 1-year warranty.
    • Please see our Battery Warranty FAQ for more information.
    • TL;DR – a battery’s life is impossible to guarantee with unknown variables.
  • Used parts do not receive a 1-year warranty under any circumstance.
    • We do not install used parts unless specifically requested by the customer.
    • We will inform you of the warranty (if any) specific to the used part.
  • Warranty coverage is determined solely by our staff with no option for protest.
    • If we determine that the failure is unrelated to our work, the warranty does not apply.
    • To be blunt: claiming ignorance will not magically validate the warranty.

Ultimately, we ask that our customers take care of their devices after we repair them. If it’s an iPad or an iPhone, put it in a case so we can honor the warranty should something happen down the road. As we mentioned above, we do not cover additional damage… but we’ll absolutely offer you a discount to repair the device again.