Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsHere is a continuously updated list of frequently asked questions from our customers. We hope it will help you decide that Fix Denver, formerly Rocky Mountain Mac Repair, is the right choice for all of your iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac repair needs. If we answer the same question multiple times per day, the answer is in this list. If you do not have time to read these, do not worry! We are happy to answer any question on the phone or via email. This list shows that our main goal is customer satisfaction… you won’t find any surprises here.

To see the answer to a frequently asked question, please choose a question below. The answers expand automatically. Our favorite questions are the ones we have not heard yet. Without sounding too much like my fourth grade teacher, every question is worth asking. We are great people who love to listen and will never judge you or your question.

If you have a question we didn’t answer, it is still very important to us. Please send us an email or give us a call so we can help. Maybe we can help you with the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

What is the Fix Denver warranty?

We stand behind all of our parts for an entire year. It’s a simple policy with only a few exceptions. We will try to help in any scenario but have to clearly state our policies so people don’t take advantage of us. It’s sad… but true.

  • If we determine that the device or the part has been damaged in any way, the warranty is void.
    • It’s very easy to see additional damage after a repair.
    • Even if the part we install doesn’t break, additional damage voids the warranty.
  • If we determine that the device or the part is not physically the same device/part, the warranty is void.
    • People occasionally try to sneak free repairs through the system.
    • We document each repair and can identify our parts versus others’ parts easily.
  • Batteries are excluded from our 1-year warranty.
    • Please see our Battery Warranty FAQ for more information.
    • TL;DR – a battery’s life is impossible to guarantee with unknown variables.
  • Used parts do not receive a 1-year warranty under any circumstance.
    • We do not install used parts unless specifically requested by the customer.
    • We will inform you of the warranty (if any) specific to the used part.
  • Warranty coverage is determined solely by our staff with no option for protest.
    • If we determine that the failure is unrelated to our work, the warranty does not apply.
    • To be blunt: claiming ignorance will not magically validate the warranty.

Ultimately, we ask that our customers take care of their devices after we repair them. If it’s an iPad or an iPhone, put it in a case so we can honor the warranty should something happen down the road. As we mentioned above, we do not cover additional damage… but we’ll absolutely offer you a discount to repair the device again.

What is the battery warranty period?

Unlike the rest of our repair parts, we cannot warranty batteries for a full year for several reasons:

  • Without proper usage, a battery won’t last a full year.
  • Third party chargers can actually harm your battery.
  • Extreme use of the device will wear out the battery.

Instead of the 1-year warranty, batteries receive an industry standard 90-day warranty. This still ensures proper warranty coverage as any issues will appear within the first 90 days. After that, it’s safe to assume that the battery wore out due to external factors we cannot control.

We appreciate your understanding.

Should I repair, upgrade or replace my device?

Over the years, we’ve developed an excellent strategy that should help any Apple user understand when it’s best to repair, upgrade or replace their device. Please look at our article on device economics that we lovingly call “The Rule of Maximums.”

We set out to create a mathematical rule that gives you a theoretical maximum number to spend on a repair or upgrades. There are several exceptions to the rule — most importantly, the way you use the device. If you have any questions, or would rather not do the math, just let us know and we’ll help.

Are you certified by Apple?

The simple answer is, “Yes.” We are Apple certified, but Apple only offers repair certifications for the Mac, currently. iPhone, iPad, and iPod certifications are just a long-awaited fantasy at this point.

Apple does offer their technicians troubleshooting training, but they will never allow any of us to work with shards and shards of broken glass.

We’re not afraid of a little glass. We’ve been working on broken Apple devices and throwing glass everywhere since the very first iPhone. Even before that, actually… but Apple didn’t start using glass in mobile devices until the first generation iPhone.

We’re confident when we say that no one else in the market has fixed more devices, with the proper parts and the right methodology than we have. There may not be a better word than Genius but you could consider us prodigies.

Do you use “Gorilla Glass” for the repair?

We use the same glass as Apple. There is only speculation that Apple uses Gorilla Glass on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In fact, we’ve had this theory for a long time: we think that Apple uses Gorilla Glass at a thinner specification that Corning will allow thus forcing them to keep its use under wraps. Here’s an article with more information about the tight-lipped GG involvement.

If you fix my iPad, will my Apple warranty be valid?

Apple’s warranty is two-fold: AppleCare+ (insurance) and the standard Apple Limited Warranty. The Apple Limited Warranty only covers manufacturer defects and doesn’t help at all with damage. AppleCare+ is a $100 plan that you must purchase within 90-days of the initial transaction. Each incident has a $50 replacement fee — with a maximum of two incidents per device.

If you purchased the AppleCare+ plan then you are definitely better off paying the $50 replacement fee. If you didn’t buy the insurance, we can save you money by repairing the device. Future warranty coverage has always been a question that we take very seriously. Here’s are understanding:

Any damage to a device immediately voids the warranty. If we fix the device for you, it’s likely that Apple will honor the warranty if any logical failures arise. We cannot make any guarantees because Apple has the final say on all warranty coverage.

We have a solid foundation to stand on: we haven’t heard from any of our previous customers that Apple denied warranty coverage after we completed the repair. We suppose it’s possible that it could happen some day but we do very good work that has even impressed our local Apple Stores.

In addition to Apple’s coverage, we guarantee any repair for 1 year. That doesn’t cover additional damage or unrelated problems.

Can you still fix a 1st Generation iPad?

We are not currently promoting the 1st Generation iPad glass repair for a few reasons. We sometimes think about removing that repair from our store completely, but we know that people still want them fixed. To alleviate any concerns we have, we want to give you all of the information we know.

Suppliers put very little focus into the 1st Generation iPad at this point. There is very little demand for it as the iPad 2 and newer are much more popular. We cannot find any glass that we could consistently consider perfect. Our quality assurance denies approximately 50% of the assemblies that show up at our shop. What makes it onto your iPad is the best possible glass on the market.

Unfortunately, we do not expect this to get better. There is not enough demand for the suppliers to focus on the quality of those parts. Occasionally, we find issues with the newer glass too – the higher the demand, the worse the supplier quality control. We stopped using those suppliers completely.

We do not intend to sound like fixing a 1st Generation iPad is a bad decision; it is generally the right choice for your budget. We just want to make sure you are aware of our thoughts since we are implementing no return policy on this generation. Our quality control is the best in the market, but we need to be realistic about the limited parts available for the 1st Generation iPad.

Again, Rocky Mountain Mac Repair will not accept returns or offer refunds for the 1st Generation iPad glass repair.

Is my data safe during a repair?

We will treat your device as our own: always with the utmost care. We will never delete or remove any of your data… in fact, we only request access if it’s absolutely necessary for testing or troubleshooting. With any repair, however, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the device or your data.

Don’t panic!

Apple makes it very easy to back up your devices. iOS devices have free access to the iCloud backup service and Macs can easily backup with a Time Machine external hard drive. We definitely suggest that you backup your device before you bring it in. If you don’t have an external hard drive for a backup, we’ll do it for you at an additional cost. Unfortunately, we cannot backup iOS devices due to software limitations; iCloud is the best backup solution.

If you have sensitive information on your device, we understand. We wouldn’t be in business if we wanted to steal it. If you prefer, you are always welcome to backup your device and bring it to us completely empty. We’ll do whatever is necessary to make our customers comfortable.

What happens if you can’t fix my device?

Let me start by saying that we can fix almost anything. Just because we can fix something, doesn’t mean we should fix something.

We pride ourselves on being the most upfront repair shop in town. If we see the possibility of an unsuccessful repair, we’ll tell you and let you make the decision to proceed. We do a great job of laying out all your options so you make the right choice.

Some repairs just won’t make sense. If we tell you not to repair something – we do occasionally turn down repairs – it’s in your best interest to save your money and put it towards a new machine. That’s a difficult conversation, but we want to be fair with every transaction.

If we start a repair that we cannot finish, we’ll never charge you for the part – unless stated otherwise during our conversations. There will always be a minimum of $40 for diagnostic time. That can increase based on our actual time with the device. We promise to keep you informed during the process. There will never be any surprises.

Are referral or mass quantity discounts available?

Yes, we absolutely offer discounts. We regularly run promotions for referral customers. Most of the time, we’ll give you and your referral 10% off the next time you come see us. If you send multiple people to us, we’ll love you forever… but the discounts do not stack. Yes, you can be your own referral – if you had the misfortune of breaking another device (or the same one) we’ll definitely help.

If you’re part of a large corporation, educational institution or hospital, we also offer discounts at various levels for large quantity orders. To receive a quantity discount, we must receive 5 repairs a month or more. Please read more about this program. Yes, we also accept school purchase orders on net-30 terms.

Do I go to the shop, or do you offer onsite repairs?

We want to take care of our customers efficiently and we approach every conversation with that in mind. Sometimes is makes sense to send one of our consultants onsite for troubleshooting… sometimes we can determine a hardware issue during our initial communication. In that case, it’s always better to get the machine to our shop for two reasons: AASP requirements and a better quality of service.

Our ability to complete a repair onsite has diminished recently due to new guidelines passed down by Apple to their authorized service providers. Their goal is to guarantee a first time fix by removing all external variables from the equation. We have to run Apple’s diagnostic software on your machine before we can even order some parts – that software requires your machine to be in the shop.

We can throw more resources at a machine in the shop: our diagnostics, Apple’s diagnostics, part testing, etc. Our onsite diagnostic capabilities are limited to troubleshooting software, hard drives, RAM and other replaceable parts. If you’re in-warranty or need a part directly from Apple, the machine must always end up here. We want to optimize everything; we’ll offer the best solution up front, every time.

Can someone else pick up my repair for me?

It is possible to arrange for someone else to pick up your repair… but we must know about it ahead of time. For liability reasons, we cannot let anyone but you leave our shop with your machine. If you’d like to send someone else to pick up your repair, please call us to verify that information.

If someone comes into the shop to pickup your machine without prior notification, we may turn him or her away. We’ll call you while they’re here to verify — but if we cannot reach you, they can’t have your machine. While some consider this inconvenient, we’re just making sure your machine ends up back in the right hands.