Mac, PC Upgrades for Better Performance

Fix is Denver’s best Mac, PC upgrades company! We can help you upgrade your computer and optimize its performance with very little cost. Don’t let Apple or some other computer company sell you on a new computer. By adding a solid-state drive and a RAM upgrade, we can make your current computer more powerful than a new machine. Our Mac, PC upgrades will make you more productive at work or at home.

Did you know that the bottleneck of any modern computer is the hard drive? Processors are more powerful and efficient than ever before, but standard hard drives are running decades-old technology. With our Mac, PC upgrades, we can speed up your hard drive with a solid-state drive that’s significantly faster. How much faster is it? Most standard hard drives can read/write up to 80 megabytes per second. A solid-state drive can read/write at 600+ megabytes per second. That’s a huge difference.

We also like to upgrade the RAM in your computer to help with multitasking. Think of your computer as a chef in a kitchen and RAM as the counter space. The chef is still one person, but more counter space allows for more productive cooking. More RAM allows your computer to handle more tasks at once without slowing down. Call us to upgrade your computer. The difference in performance will blow you away.

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This is our online store. The categories below will help you order an upgrade online instead of in our store. If you’re local to Denver, ignore this and swing by the shop. If you’re elsewhere in the world, this is for you. If you want to upgrade something you don’t see listed, just give us a call – we’ll help you find a solution.